Centre for Labour and Social Securıty Training and Research (ÇASGEM)


Centre for Labour and Social Security Training and Research (ÇASGEM) is the first labour institute established in Turkey. It was established as Labour Institute for Near and Middle East (LINME) in 1955 in Istanbul, in accordance with the Supplementary Agreement No 13 between ILO and Turkish Government. Following five international years, LINME was transferred to Ministry of Labour in accordance with the Law No. 7460 on 17 January 1960 and was moved to Ankara in 1972. The title of the organization was modified as “Near and Middle East Labour Training Center” and obtained an independent budget.

Until 2003, LINME mostly organized training sessions on occupational health and safety, as well as on labour legislation. Its name was changed as Centre for Labour and Social Security Training and Research (ÇASGEM) in 2003. Upon this significant change, new cadre was added, its budget was increased and new tasks were assigned. Today, ÇASGEM is a school touching every aspect of work life with its capacity and experience, providing information for employers and employees, and trying to improve the quality of work life.