The organizational structure of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security abroad was formed on 8 May 1967 with the clause appended to Article 6 of the Law no. 4841 on the Establishment and Duties of the Ministry of Labour with the Law no. 864 in order to safeguard the rights and interests of our citizens living abroad and to take steps before related institutions for the solution of their problems.

Nearly three million Turkish citizens are resident abroad. This figure exceeds six million in total, including those who have attained citizenship of other countries.

Our citizens are provided with service through a total of 57 units comprising 30 counsellor’s offices and 27 attaché’s offices in 29 countries under the coordination of our General Directorate of Foreign Relations and European Union.

Counselling services are rendered by our counsellor’s and attaché’s offices to safeguard and promote the rights and interests our citizens arising from working life and legislation on social security, coordination is maintained with the authorities of the countries of residence and contributions are made for the solution of problems of our citizens pertaining to their working life and social security.