Department for Missions Abroad and Coordination

Duties of the Department for Missions Abroad and Coordination are as follows:

a) To follow up and report the services rendered by the missions abroad within the framework of the Ministry’s policies for our citizens living abroad,
b) To follow up, analyse monthly and annual reports prepared by foreign units and evaluate the outcomes to enhance service quality, to compile and prepare statistical data for use,
c) To follow up, examine and evaluate end-of-foreign mission assessment reports,
d) To prepare General Directorate’s annual report in accordance with the annual reports transmitted by the units abroad, which includes the developments and numeric data regarding the issues falling within the Ministry’s field of responsibility and our citizens living abroad,
e) To process the statistical information included in monthly and annual reports of the units abroad in Data Bank, to archive these reports along with end-of-foreign mission assessment reports,
f) To follow up implementation of the Action Plans put into effect by the missions abroad, to examine and assess the reports,
g) To examine and assess all kinds of meeting minutes relating to seminars, conferences etc. organized or attended by the units abroad, to transmit the outcomes to relevant Departments and units of the Ministry,
h) To create and manage Data Bank within the structure of General Directorate,
i) To process data received from Departments in Data Bank,
j) To announce intra and extra-unit circulars along with legislative arrangements to the missions abroad,
k) To transmit information requests of the Ministry’s central organization as well as affiliated and related institutions concerning the implementations, legislation and organizations as interlocutors to the foreign missions concerned,
l) To determine the strategy of General Directorate in accordance with the Ministry’s policies, to create, update and follow up objective and performance indicators,
m) To perform internal audit duties of the General Directorate,
n) To prepare presentations, budget notes and question-answer cards relating to budget talks and to conduct the activities alike,
o) To prepare General Directorate’s annual activity report, to submit it to the department of Strategy Development,
p) To prepare and update service inventory of the General Directorate,
q) To respond to letters of opinion received from the Ministry’s units and other public and private institutions/organizations,
r) To contribute to the country files to be prepared by Private Bureau with regard to overseas visits to be paid by the Minister and Senior Executive and reception of foreign delegations,
s) To perform other tasks assigned by the General Directorate.