Department of International Organizations

Duties of the Department of International Organizations are as follows:

a) To conduct activities arising from relations with international organizations regarding the issues falling within the Ministry’s field of responsibility, to draw up reports on the agreements to which the Ministry is a party and to submit them to the organizations concerned,
b) To issue written and oral responsive statements on the reports submitted when necessary, within the framework of control mechanisms of international organizations,
c) To present views for and contribute to legislative efforts within the framework of international agreements,
d) To perform works on the conformity of relevant Turkish legislation with the international agreements to which our country is a party upon demands of the Ministry’s units,
e) To respond to complaints lodged to international organizations by national and international trade unions and non-governmental organizations on implementations regarding the issues falling within the Ministry’s field of responsibility,
f) To take part in committee activities of international organizations regarding the issues falling within the Ministry’s field of responsibility and to put forth our country’s views in these committees,
g) To prepare the Ministry’s opinion on documents drawn up by international organizations,
h) To review, prepare opinion on international agreements planned to become a party to, within the scope of the Ministry’s field of activity and to transmit the information on the agreements regarding which becoming a party has been given assent to the Department of Agreements,
i) To organize events such as seminars, conferences etc. with national and international institutions and organizations or to attend meetings of this kind,
j) To prepare files on international organizations and their relations with our country and our Ministry,
k) To transmit information on all kinds of reports submitted to international organizations and on international instruments, to which the Ministry is a party, to the Department for Missions Abroad and Strategy, to be processed in Data Bank, to transmit these reports and documents as well as outcomes such as meeting reports and informative notes on international organizations to the Department of Training and Publications for storage in the Documentation Centre,
l) To contribute to the efforts coordinated by the Department for Services for Citizens Abroad with the aim of safeguarding the rights and interests of our citizens living abroad or absolute returnees, arising from their working life abroad, social security and international law,
m) To contribute to the country files to be prepared by Private Bureau with regard to overseas visits to be paid by the Minister and Senior Executive and reception of foreign delegations,
n) To perform other tasks assigned by the General Directorate.