Department of Management Services

Duties of the Department of Management Services are as follows:

a) To carry out all kinds of transactions and procedures belonging to the personnel assigned abroad and within the Central Organization,
b) To carry out salary, office hours, deputation, bonus and per diem allowance procedures belonging to the personnel of General Directorate and to pay SSI deductions,
c) To conduct transactions relating to medical report, leave, passport etc. belonging to the personnel of Central Organization and Organization abroad,
d) To carry out procedures relating to personnel recruitment and to follow up their thesis and examination processes,
e) To prepare the budget of General Directorate,
f) To purchase all kinds of goods, materials and services for the General Directorate; to carry out procedures with regard to movables, namely office equipment and to get their maintenance/repair done,
g) To transfer advance (administrative allowance) with the aim of providing purchase of goods, materials and services for the Ministry’s Organization abroad, considering the demands of the units concerned, to ensure settlement of the account following the audit of expenditures to be offset,
h) To determine accountants of the units abroad and to carry out the transactions relating to administrative allowances,
i) To carry out the procedures of salary, travelling allowance for permanent duty and per diem allowance along with insurance and treatment costs belonging to permanently employed and contracted personnel abroad,
j) To carry out income tax transactions of contracted personnel abroad,
k) To follow up accounting procedures belonging to movable records of the units abroad,
l) To carry out procedures of payment of fees relating to memberships of international organizations,
m) To carry out procedures for covering representation and hosting expenses relating to foreign visits paid by the General Directorate,
n) To ensure effective and accurate utilization of the Ministry’s corporate identity at the General Directorate,
o) To duly save the documents to be processed by General Directorate in electronic media by performing project-related duties by acting as the unit in charge within the scope of Electronic Document Management System and refer them to the Office of General Directorate, to refer documents to be transmitted after both saving them in electronic media and making their physical record,
p) To carry out the procedures relating to documents classified as secret and to be exclusively retained,
q) To carry out retention, classification, sorting and disposal procedures belonging to documents of the General Directorate in accordance with the relevant legislation in force,
r) To perform other tasks assigned by the General Directorate.