Department of Training and Publications

Duties of the Department of Training and Publications are as follows: 

a) To prepare and deliver training programs for the personnel of General Directorate, to provide training materials,
b) To assess the demands and needs of General Directorate personnel as regards trainings,
c) To deal with the training processes of Assistant Experts,
d) To prepare and deliver training programs for permanently employed personnel,
e) To evaluate internship applications, to carry out internship procedures, to prepare and deliver the training program,
f) To collaborate, when necessary, with the institutions, organizations and universities concerned, for organizing trainings,
g) To prepare periodicals, other books and brochures for publication,
h) To manage the Documentation Centre of General Directorate,
i) To classify all kinds of documents such as files, publications, reports, theses, informative notes, statistics etc. in printed and digital format received or prepared by the General Directorate for storage in the Documentation Centre,
j) To perform the works necessary for implementing introductive and informative programs on issues falling within the General Directorate’s field of responsibility,
k) To run social media accounts of the General Directorate,
l) To keep the General Directorate’s web site updated in collaboration with Private Bureau,
m) To ensure the necessary coordination for publishing the Ministry’s web site in foreign languages,
n) To perform other tasks assigned by the General Directorate.