Our Duties

Duties of the Directorate General for Foreign Relations

a) To perform the necessary works for the protection and promotion of the rights and interests of Turkish citizens living abroad, those who have renounced their Turkish citizenship except in cases of loss, and persons within the scope of Article 28 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 dated 29/5/2009, in labour, social security and social services arising from foreign country legislation and international legislation.

b) To perform the necessary works to generate solutions to the problems of persons mentioned in subparagraph (a) stemming from cultural, economic and family reasons, to conduct international social service case studies, to prepare social study reports by conducting the necessary social examinations abroad and to ensure the necessary coordination with domestic and foreign organizations on these matters,

c) To conduct work and operations related to the employment of Turkish workforce abroad,

d) To coordinate the social security agreements to be concluded with foreign countries and their amendments, to prepare and conduct negotiations and to make amendments on bilateral and multilateral international agreements on other issues falling within the Ministry’s field of responsibility and to ensure coordination between the Ministry and its affiliated and related institutions in this regard,

e) To maintain relations with international organizations operating on issues falling within the Ministry’s field of responsibility and to conduct work and operations arising from membership,

f) To organize the Ministry's personnel cadre abroad, to direct and inspect the personnel serving in these positions,

g) To coordinate the foreign operations to be carried out by the Ministry and its affiliated and related institutions and to ensure their coordination in relations with other countries and international institutions and organizations, to carry out international publicity events and informative activities and protocol affairs concerning the Ministry’s field of duty,

h) To follow and report on foreign literature, legislation and practices in the fields of working life and social policy,

i) To carry out other duties assigned by the Minister and Senior Executive.