Sultan Rauf OĞUZ

Sultan Rauf OĞUZ 
Head of Department

Born in 1976 in Rize, he completed his primary, secondary and high school (Imam Hatip High School) education in Rize. He graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and Anadolu University Business Administration departments.  He completed his master's degree in Local Administrations and Local Governments at Istanbul University. He is currently continuing his doctoral studies on Public Administration at Hacı Bayram Veli University.

Mr. OĞUZ started his career in the public sector in Rize in 2001, worked as Project Coordinator of the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA), Project Director of the World Bank, Director of the Union for Providing Services to Villages, Director of Youth and Sports, Director of Special Administration.

After the year of 2014; he worked as the Advisor to the Minister at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. As part of his career in Directorate General for Foreign Relations, he worked as the Head of Protocol Department, Head of Citizenship Services Department and Head of Department at the EU Financial Assistance Department.

In 2021, he worked as the Head of Research and Development Department in the Directorate General of Martyrs and Veterans in the Ministry of Family and Social Services,

In 2023, he worked as a Labour Expert at the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety.

Currently, he works as the Head of Management Services Department in the Directorate General for Foreign Relations and European Union.

Mr. OĞUZ, who also has senior executive experience in CSOs and the private sector, is married and has three children.