Department for Services for Citizens Abroad

Duties of the Department for Services for Citizens Abroad are as follows:

a) To exert efforts in order to meet the requests of our citizens abroad relating to their rights and interests and to follow up their demands,
b) To conduct activities with a view to safeguarding the rights and interests of our citizens living abroad or of those having made absolute return to our country, arising from working life abroad, social security and international law,
c) To work in coordination with the Department of International Organizations, Department of Agreements and related units abroad as regards the enforcement of subparagraph (b),
d) To follow and transmit the judgements rendered by national courts of the countries where our citizens reside and international courts to related units and missions abroad for their utilization in terms of safeguarding and promoting the rights of our citizens,
e) To consider requests for information received from national courts as regards the financial and social status of our citizens living abroad and to respond them through the foreign unit concerned,
f) To carry out notification procedures through embassies and consulates with regard to debts arising from fines and premiums of our citizens living abroad on issues falling within the Ministry’s field of responsibility,
g) To compile the necessary information concerning the law on foreigners, the legislation on labour and social security belonging to target countries determined, notably the countries where the Ministry’s foreign missions are present, to prepare these data as reports and to make them available to those concerned if required,
h) To identify the needs relating to overseas employment, to follow up the policies to be determined by countries in this regard through relevant units abroad and to inform the institutions concerned,
i) To follow up overseas contracting services, to maintain cooperation with related institutions and organizations and to consider the demands of Turkish companies and our citizens in respect thereof,
j) To contribute to the country files to be prepared by Private Bureau with regard to overseas visits to be paid by the Minister and Senior Executive and reception of foreign delegations,
k) To consider requests for information made by citizens, public institutions and organizations, universities and non-governmental organizations regarding our citizens working abroad,
l) To transmit statistical data on citizen applications to the Department for Missions Abroad and Strategy to be processed in Data Bank,
m) To perform other tasks assigned by the General Directorate.